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The year was 2077 and the lines between reality and the metaverse were blurred. It was a wild west of sorts. Fortunes were being made and fortunes were being lost. In the midst of this revolution, a new kind of cartel was being formed, a crypto cartel. These were not your average thugs. Dangerous and often ruthless, yes, but they had something the mob kings of the past didn't, great minds for technology. This would be their time as they had a whole new universe to cut their piece from. As many factions dueled it out for meta-supremacy one figure emerged as king. They just called him BigBoss. He was a mysterious player known for being a particularly brilliant technologist as well as a great artist. Many rich and powerful people would buy the cartel king's renditions of historical figures. They adorned yachts and mansions and palaces all over the globe and throughout the metaverse. His infamy as a ruthless cartel kingpin only added to the art’s value.


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This project's utility is in its rarity and collectability. Only 777 of these unique art pieces will ever exist. It's art for art's sake. Put it on your wall, wear it on your watch, get it tattooed on your ass... It's really up to you. You have full ownership.
Phase one: Come into possession of dope art from the future. Phase two: Sell the dope art on the open market. Phase three: Dope art lives on the blockchain until the fucking sun explodes...
I'm just a guy. I have some super collectible BigBoss OG art for sale... If you need a name, call me TheDealer.

There's always more than meets the eye...

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